ePos System

ePos System

POS Systems adds a level of efficiency that ultimately contributes to process improvement customer satisfaction.

At Hostudio, we understand that it’s not easy for restaurant chains to manage payments for takeaways, especially when orders are in bulk and from hundreds of customers. Keeping this in consideration, we have now introduced a new service: POS system for restaurant/takeaway. This is a highly-functional and cutting-edge system that is provided with software and essential hardware.


It is a feature-rich and an all-in-one system that can improve management capability by making ordering, reporting, and accounting easier and efficient.
The POS system is easy to operate and use for everyone and doesn’t require any formal and lengthy training for the staff. The learning curve is barely 15 minutes for anyone, regardless of their familiarity with such technology.

How It Works

It can be used by restaurants for a multitude of purposes including open table confirmations, sending orders to the kitchen as well as reminders, searching products by name and number, removing items once they are sent to the kitchen, placing large quantity orders, adding any item note, and printing receipts.

One of the key uses of the system is related to transactions and managing various payment methods like pay with cash, card and show change, and switch between modes like table top collection or delivery and the other way around.

The POS system also allows the users to view bookings and collections. It is a smart system with features that makes restaurant management smooth and simple. It cuts out the overall time involved in the process enabling you to deliver the ultimate experience to your customers.

At Hostudio, we offer different pricing structures to cater to different restaurant/takeaway needs. For more information about the POS system or pricing structure, contact us.