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Is LinkedIn right for your business?

Is LinkedIn right for your business?

LinkedIn, despite being popular with small business owners, entrepreneurs and big businesses alike, still remains a mystery to many. In this blog, we will be looking at what exactly LinkedIn is as well as it’s strengths and weaknesses to help you decided if it’s right for your business.


Embarrassed at your lack of LinkedIn knowledge? Well, you shouldn’t be, despite being one of the most popular social networks many people are still at a loss as to what LinkedIn is and how to use it. In it’s simplest form it is a professional social media platform that enables businesses to network, promote themselves and carry out marketing strategies. Professionals can also keep up to date with new innovations and business news as well as look for new employment opportunities. The best way to think about it is an online networking platform, where lots of businesses and professionals are in the same place looking to make connections in the right fields.



Strengths of LinkedIn


  • A Professional Calling Card – By creating a LinkedIn profile for your company, it enables you to project a very specific image of your business to potential clients. LinkedIn can be preferable to other social network sites in this respect, as you can clearly and professionally provide information about your business and your contact details without people being distracted by other unrelated content.


  • It’s All About the Connections – Growth is important to any business and it can often come down to who you know as to whether you get that big break. If your business is looking to start distributing products in a new area for example, then LinkedIn enables you to find and contact the right people to help you make that happen.


  • B2B Marketing – Whilst B2C marketing strategies don’t necessarily apply to LinkedIn, in terms of B2B marketing strategies it’s a goldmine. Businesses are on LinkedIn looking for new opportunities and business news if you provide a great service for those businesses then you are bound to get noticed!


  • Recruitment – If you’re looking for that perfect employee then LinkedIn is a great option for you. This social network has filters for any sector, you can find your perfect worker bee by filtering for anything from skill set and location to availability.



Weaknesses of LinkedIn


  • Strictly Professional – Whilst this is considered to be a strength by many businesses, it can limit both your content and your audience. If you are selling a consumer product, for example, LinkedIn is not the best social network to do this on as your audience is people looking for professional services and connections rather than consumers. It also makes it harder to build your brand identity as you are limited to more professional content that doesn’t necessarily allow for brand personality to come through.


As you can see there are many positives to LinkedIn and not many negatives, however, that one negative is very important to consider when it comes to using LinkedIn. For making connections within your business, no matter what sector you are in it is invaluable but, if you want to build a consumer-driven brand you are definitely going to need other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook alongside your LinkedIn account.

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