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Thursday, 05 July 2018 20:48

Hostudio's Top 10 Animal Insta Stars

We LOVE our pets, and in the modern age of social media we want to share them with the world and let’s face it pet themed trends like the ‘what the fluff?’ challenge have had us glued to our screens! However, there are animals out there that are taking social media to the NEXT LEVEL. In this blog, we will be taking a look at our top 10 favourite Insta famous animals that (with a little help from their humans) are taking the social media world by storm.

Geordi La Corgi @lacorgi

This little cutie describes himself as a personal trainer and professional butt model and boasts an impressive 295K followers. Like all the best models he resides in LA and his Instagram feed is jam-packed with cute but stylish shots with pops of colour.


Lil Bub @iamlilbub

A self-proclaimed magical space cat, Lil BUB is definitely one of a kind and his 1.8 million followers certainly agree. An Instagram sensation, Lil BUB is his very own brand with plush toys, t-shirts and much much more. A bit of philanthropist Lil BUB has also managed to raise over $300,000 for animals in need.


Jill the Squirrel @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

Not your run of the mill pet, Jill describes herself as a vegetarian parkour expert who’s only weakness is her fear of the hoover! Jill’s 576K followers love her mix of zany get-ups, illustrated and snuggled up posts. Jill is another one with an entrepreneurial side with her own range of cushions!


Yōji Miyagi & Viktor @_wand_wand_

Perhaps some of the most stylish dogs we’ve seen on Instagram, Yōji Miyagi and his brother Viktor treat their 68K fans to a sleek monochrome Instagram feed. Too cool for school these Berlin based brothers are definitely not to missed!


Mr Pokee @mr.pokee

Another left field entry Mr Pokee won’t leave fans disappointed. His 625k followers are treated to snaps of him chilling out in all kinds of places, he’s truly living up to his title of worlds cutest adventurer (although we’d have to say he’s got some competition further down our list!). Check out his shop to get your hands on a personalised Mr Pokee polaroid!


Doug The Pug @itsdougthepug

Rolling with the big boys, self-confessed king of pop culture, Doug has a whopping 3.5 million followers and he dazzles them with cute pics and witty posts. A commercial juggernaut you can even find Doug the Pug plushies in high street stores!


Ludwik @ludwik_guinea_pig

Not everybody’s cup of tea, hairless guinea pig, Ludwik isn’t letting anything hold him back, describing himself as a ‘real zero to hero story’. He went from an abandoned pet to an Instagram star and entertains his 246K followers with adorable mini scenes and moral messages.


Loki the Wolfdog @loki

Feel the call of the wild with Loki the Wolfdog. Break hearts since 2012 this lovable adventurer has captured the attention of 1.7 million followers, with a mixture and breath-taking scenery and that derpy smile! He so popular he’s even got his own book out!


Juniper @juniperfoxx

Smashing stereotypes this crafty little fox has stolen the hearts of her 2.3 million followers with her canine antics and winning grin! Her Instagram feed is an eclectic mix of cute close ups and cheeky behaviour, peppered with her canine and lizard pals.


Bolt and Keel @boltandkeel

Intrepid feline brothers, these adventurous kitty cats brave all weather to reach that horizon. Winning over their 104k followers with beautiful landscapes and the novelty of cats in boats! This pair not only rock Instagram but the publishing world as well, with their very own book.


That brings us to the end of our top 10 favourite animal Insta Stars, they’ve got the looks, they’ve got the brains and they’ve got this Instagram thing down!

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