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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 10:47

Going Live

In a time where marketing strategy is becoming more and more about authenticity, live videos are emerging as by far one of the most engaging ways to reach your audience. With Facebook Live videos reportedly being watched up to 3 times longer than regular videos, it’s a trend that cannot be ignored. In this blog, we will be looking at what makes live videos so successful and how you can harness their power for your business.

Live video streaming has exploded in recent years, with nearly all major social networks offering them as a prominent feature, with Facebook Live and Instagram Stories being amongst the most popular. As the streaming industry expands live videos are becoming a vital advertising tool, loved by consumers and businesses alike. With their authenticity and inclusivity connecting with customers with the brands and their mass appeal and cost-effectiveness appealing to growing businesses.


By looking at what live video content is most popular you can use that information to plan what content will be most effective for marketing your business. Breaking news actually makes up 56% of the most watched content (livestream.com) followed closely by events such as conferences or concerts. This tells us that people that people crave live content that makes them feel connected to an event or product. Using this information, we have put together a list of content suggestions you could incorporate into your marketing strategy.

  • Live demonstrations

Live streaming demos are a brilliant way to let consumers know about your products as well as promote new ones. By streaming these live it fosters an idea of ‘realness’ in relation to your product, for example, if you say your paint is easy to apply this allows you to show that it is.


  • Q&As

By connecting with your customers through a Q&A session it creates a content conversation, they feel directly connected to your business and part of a community. This is also a great way to broadcast positive reviews.


  • Previews and Promotions

Like breaking news, live streaming a new product or a promotional offer makes people feel like they have access to insider information. By making your customers feel special you increase their loyalty.


  • Events

Whether you are live streaming an industry event you're attending or an event your business is running, making your audience feel as if they are backstage ramps up the exclusivity factor. Not only this but it also emphasises the authenticity, it can’t be edited so people trust that if your event looks rocking, then it is!


Things to remember

Know you’ve got some ideas for content, there are a few things you need to bear in mind when planning your live video.

  • Brand

Your brand identity MUST come through loud and clear in your video. Think about having your brand colours and logo visible in the background and make sure the tone and set up of the video fits your business. If you sell a young and vibrant product, you don’t want a stiff and formal live video!


  • Look Professional

Whatever your brand identity your video needs to look professional. Factors such as lighting need to be considered if the video is dark and blurry people just aren’t going to watch it! Make sure your live video host knows what they are saying, as

the last thing an audience wants to see is somebody stuttering their way through a hurriedly written script.


  • Call to action

Attention-grabbing live videos are all well and good but if you don’t include a call to action this attention won’t convert into sales or sign ups! Make sure you are directing people to buy your products or visit your website.


  • Promotion

Promoting a broadcast beforehand is a great way to ensure you get the maximum number of viewers. Especially for content that includes an offer or an exclusive look at a new product.


Live videos have taken the social media world by storm, not only do they appeal to the tech generations mistrust of editing by they create an immersive and inclusive experience that has up to this point been unavailable to the online consumer. By keeping your content engaging and honest and your videos clear and branded you too can conquer the world of live video.





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