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Wednesday, 09 November 2016 22:02

How can future search affect your business?

With the massive growth of digital marketing for all kinds and sizes of business, it is very important for every marketer and business owner to keep themselves updated on the latest trends, in order to have an insight for the potential market movements.
In a world where most companies rely on digital marketing to promote their brands and products, ranking well in popular search engines (such as Google & Yahoo) and making the content stand out in this heavily saturated search-space has become very challenging. With so much extra competition, the risks and the challenges of running a business today are exceptional.

As people start searching for geographically based information on their phones, there is a growing number of opportunities to personalise the advertising experience for them. It’s not just about showing a relevant ad in a search engine result, but also being able to expand your ad’s visibility across multiple devices, and on various platforms.

The Rise of mobile and voice search

Using apps to discover information instead of a browser is an area that’s going to develop even more going forward. This is very important to appreciate as a business, as it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s better to innovate and stay involved than fall behind.


The keys to the future of search

As the majority of searches now happen on mobile devices, it is time for us to identify some key trends of search that will be guaranteed to grow in future and that we should adapt:

Voice search: Voice search is the fastest growing type of search because it’s faster, hands-free and allows you to multi-task. As programs like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana become more popular, their programming also becomes more refined. By interpreting the meaning and context behind the words used for search, the voice search will be transformed into the ultimate mobile assistant that helps your search to be more accurate.

Personalised search: This type of personal history is used to varying degrees and ways by search engine to influence search results, which means the personalisation of search results is based on an individual’s search history. Take Google as an example - if Google learns more about the viewer, it can reflect the viewer’s personal interests and connections. The unique search engine result page will provide the most relevant results that will keep the viewer coming back for more, using the search engine’s services to help increase the traffic for the particular or searched websites.

To conclude, real-time expectations and personalisation are rapidly becoming significant influencers over how we deliver advertising messages to our target customers. Are you ready for the next wave of the digital advertising revolution?

If your goals are to rank for key search terms, get more traffic to your site or increase online revenue then we can help. HS can help you to build effective SEO strategies, boost your website search engine visibility and have a higher search engine ranking. With a professional team of search engine consultants managing your campaign, we are focused on providing SEO packages that deliver in an authentic manner. There’s no cheap tricks or gimmicks here – just logical decisions based on the best port of call for your business.

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